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JCCA.me Extranet

Project created for JCC Association

In April 2013, I became the product manager for JCC Association’s intranet, JCCA.me. I was responsible for leading ten teams of content creators to make sure their individual knowledge base (content area) was current and relevant to JCC professionals. Additionally, I trained new JCC professionals how to use and manage content on JCCA.me. I wrote a curator’s guidebook for JCC Association professionals to add and edit content, as well as interact with other users on JCCA.me.

I managed JCC Association’s support team for JCC professionals that answer user questions for everything from lost passwords to software bugs. I coordinated with our software provider, Intranet, to fix any major issues.

In order to measure success, I regularly created analytics reports to see how many JCC professionals logged on monthly and how many viewed more than one piece of content. I sent bi-weekly emails to JCC professionals that highlighted some of the best content on JCCA.me, as well as a monthly newsletter for preferred vendor content.

Skills: Product Management


  • Build connections with JCC professionals across North America by providing an online forum for communication.
  • Create an archive of resources from JCC Association that live on in one central location, replacing the listserv and other emails as a means for distribution.
  • Provide a guide for content creators to build their sections and write blog posts for their communities.