Hey, I'm Alexandra White.
Let's build a better digital experience.


I have experience speaking at large conferences, meetups, and as a guest lecturer at universities, in-person and via video stream. I am available to speak at your event about technical writing, video documentation / screencasts, and community building.

Past conferences

Other events

  • NYIT Presenter, “Technical Writing @ Google”, March and April 2019
  • Guest speaker for Michigan State University’s Professional Writing program, 2012 – 2017

My speaking policy

I will only attend events with a publicly published and enforced code of conduct. It’s essential to me that the well-being of myself, all attendees, speakers, volunteers, and staff have been considered with public guidelines as to how that well-being will be maintained. Having a public written document sets everyone’s expectations and helps to hold everyone accountable to the same standards.

That said, having a document is not the only key to having a CoC—you must also be willing to enforce it when the terms are in violation by any person present.

Additional Resources

Speaker compensation

I expect that what’s offered to one speaker is offered to everyone. This can include travel reimbursement and/or speaker fees. It takes me (and all speakers) a significant amount of time to respond to CFPs, create talks, practice for the event, and travel to wherever the talk is being held. Please do not insist that “exposure” alone is payment for my time.

All of that said, there will be events I speak at that do not have speaker compensation. I may volunteer my time for non-profit organizations or events which try to keep costs low for attendees and offer significant value otherwise.

However, if you are a for-profit event with high ticket fees, I expect that some form of speaker compensation has been included in your budget.

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