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Triton CNS Videos

Project created for Joyent

This series of videos were created to explain Joyent’s DNS solution, Triton CNS. I wrote the scripts for the videos, recorded the audio track and visual elements, then edited the videos using Camtasia.

This first video introduces Triton CNS, Joyent’s DNS management tool. The video includes a general explanation of what DNS is and why it’s a tool worth using on Triton.

The second video details how to add CNS to a dockerized application. This video includes a step-by-step tutorial in the terminal for how to add CNS, find the instance’s domain name, open it in the browser, and inspect the domain to see how many instances are pointed to it at any given moment.

The third video expands on CNS capabilities as a means of adding a vanity domain to an application. This includes a tutorial of finding the DNS name and pointing it to a domain name as a CNAME.

Skills: Film Product Management


  • Visualize a complicated concept to help our users get up to speed faster with Triton CNS.
  • Educate new Triton users about better ways to connect their microservices.