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Strategy Website

JCC Camps

Project created for JCC Association

The JCC Camps website was the first of its kind, assembling a directory of all JCC Day and Overnight camps. The website was created to give each camp a simple, elegant web presence, while also illustrating that they are part of a larger movement of JCC Camps.

I designed and built a custom WordPress theme, integrating the Advanced Custom Fields plugin directly into the theme to easily allow updates to the various pieces of data on the camp profile pages. The site is responsive.

The Profile Page

Every JCC camp has the opportunity to share a lot of valuable information and media about their camp including contact information, a director profile, a video, photos, and much more.

Camp Listings

When visitors come to JCCCamps.org to search for their camp, they are immediately segmented into day camps or overnight camps. Visitors can then narrow it down by location, highlighted activities, and session length. Otherwise, they can look through the full listing of all camps available that fit into that genre.

I wrote about the process of building the filtration system.

Skills: Product Management Web Design Web Development


  • Make it easier for parents and their children to find the right JCC day or overnight camp for them.
  • Highlight what makes a JCC Camp different than other camps.
  • Promote JCC Camp jobs.
  • Provide an outlet for JCC Association camp staff to connect with camp directors.