Hey, I'm Alexandra White.
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Human Rights Watch

The Human Rights Watch (HRW) legacy giving microsite markets to individual donors to inspire them to leave a legacy gift to HRW. This includes providing potential donors information about gift procedure, stories of other donors, free will services, and more.

The original website was built by an outside marketing agency. The legacy department wanted to bring the website in-house, improve the site’s design, and make it possible for non-developers to make changes.

For this project, I created design prototypes for the different project types followed by a highly customized WordPress theme and plugins. The design incorporated HRW’s brand standards, as well as influences from the original marketing website.

Skills: Web Design Web Development

My Objectives

  • Create a simple, streamlined process to sign up for more information about the legacy giving program.
  • Create a fully responsive and visually engaging website.
  • Make it easier for those who have given to share their story.
  • Make every detail fully customizable by non-developers so that the site can be maintained internally post-launch.


  • Primary audience: potential donors for HRW’s legacy program, primarily those over the age of fifty with deep pockets.
  • Secondary audience: previous HRW donors, HRW volunteers