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December 18, 2011


In just 15 minutes, I’ll be hopping in the car to head to the airport for the adventure of a lifetime. I’m heading to Europe for 25 days, traveling by myself through Paris, London, Vienna, Prague, and Berlin.

I’ve dreamed of this trip since I was a child. I may be the most excited just to walk along the Seine and sit at a cafe with a cup of coffee. I hope to find a little more about myself and what I can handle. It’s time to push the limits and try new things.

Follow along my European adventure on my travel blog. I’ll be sure to post photos of the cities and the stories of people I meet.


I’ve finally uploaded all of my photos. Phew! You can check them out on Google+ or on Facebook (Paris, London & Oxford, Vienna & Prague). Sadly, my camera died early in Prague and I didn’t have the chance to capture many photos there or any in Berlin. Alas, the memories will have to do it justice along with the blog.