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May 08, 2011

Senior Portfolios

It’s amazing to think that in one year, I’ll be graduating. I can’t believe I’ve already been at Michigan State for three years, and all of the things I’ve experienced. Last week, I watched (some of) the Professional Writing seniors present their final portfolios, which they will put on their resumes to show the awesome work they’ve created. There are so many blog entries, graphic designs, websites, and various other pieces demonstrating how well PW has prepared them for the real world. I’m in awe. I’ll miss them every day that they’re gone, and hope that we will work together again soon.

Some of the best portfolios come from my friends:

Laurel Sutherland is searching for a job in communications/pr/graphic design. She had PW as a secondary major, with her primary major as the Residential College of Arts and Humanities (RCAH). We were interns together at WRAC in the fall of 2010.

Hannah Ettema is looking for a job in communications management, with travel and nature as her interests.

Joel Heckaman has had copious experiences with project management, organizing several events with local music. He was the head honcho forĀ Jamming for Japan.

Devon Barrett is currently writing a romance novel and will be heading to the Denver Publishing Institute in July. She also actively maintains a blog.

There are so many more fantastic seniors. Hopefully, I’ll be able to give a link to a list of portfolios soon.