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June 07, 2017 Web Development

A much needed website face lift

Every two years I redesign my website. It’s an opportunity to be up on modern web design trends, find gaps in content, and re-position the way I think about my skill set. It’s also a way to make sure I still know what my theme looks like inside and out, so that if I do encounter any problems, I know how to fix them.

For this redesign, I decided I wanted to accomplish the following:

  • Create a way to sort through projects by skill (web development, writing and strategy, product management, video, etc);
  • Create a case study style for projects to better highlight the purposes as well as additional deliverables;
  • Remove the resume as featured content, leaving that to LinkedIn;
  • Make it easier to contact me;
  • Simplify the design.

This site is one of the most important selling points for why you’d want to work with me. I want to make it easy to navigate, while being completely and utterly me.

I’ve also (finally) updated the URL. In 2008, when I first started thinking about personal branding, I wanted to be a costume designer. I picked a Tumblr account called “designinglightning” and all of my subsequent accounts followed suit. The name just stuck, as my name is too common to have gotten the domain without modifiers. Eventually I changed my accounts to “heyawhite” (either pronounced “Hey A White” or “Heya White”). I figured it was a little friendlier, a heck of a lot shorter, and much closer to who I am. It’s about time my website matched everything else.

I’m still open to feedback. Have an idea to make the new site better? Tweet me.